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We know that choosing a platform is a big decision.


The following checklist is from noted industry veteran [highlights color=”ffea00″]Bruce Berg[/highlights], a founding member of the NAPBS with 22 years experience in the background screening industry. Bruce is founder of the [highlights color=”ffea00″]Berg Consulting Group[/highlights], whose mission is to advise, consult, and guide screening company owners and their staffs to healthier bottom lines, quicker turnaround times, more accurate reporting tools, and best practice solutions.


Choosing a screening platform

There are several keys to selecting a good platform:

[lists type=”tick”]How robust is the system?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]How big is the largest client on the system?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]How many search types it will handle?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]How many data sources area already integrated for outsourcing?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]What is the system uptime?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]Is the platform geared toward retail CRAs for employment screening or to wholesalers?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]Does the platform currently have the functionality you need for your existing client base?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]How willing is the provider to make changes to meet your clients’ specific needs?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]How long will it take and how much will it cost to make those changes?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]How many and which Applicant Tracking Systems are already currently integrated?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]What would it cost if you were to integrate a client?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]What is the platform provider’s approach to training and customer service?[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]What are the setup and operating/support costs?[/lists]


Make sure it’s apples-to-apples.

In your due diligence, you’re no doubt comparing costs between platform providers. So it’s important that you understand the differences in the way each platform operates.

Other platforms lead a double life.

Other screening platforms are actually data resellers: they receive a “vendor access fee” from the data provider every time you run a component. That fee is passed along to you in higher record retrieval costs (in addition to the regular component fees). And you can only use the data providers with whom they have agreements. That limits the pricing options you’ll have for your customers.

Accio is a truly open platform.

Any data provider can take our XML specifications and integrate with the Accio platform free of charge. In fact, Accio has the largest number of integrated data providers of any platform in the industry. And we never charge any vendor access fees.

What does that mean for your business? Our Vendor Management Tool makes it easy for you to add or change data vendors. The result is that you can:

  • Work with the data vendors that you want
  • Negotiate the very best prices from your data vendors
  • Go after new business customers who have unique data needs

Plan for success

We have pricing plans for every stage of your business. As your transaction volume grows, our component fees shrink. And with Accio, you’ll have the stability, flexibility and support to take on large customers from Day One.