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Let the records speak for themselves with [highlights color=”ffea00″]Accio CourtPro™[/highlights]


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Efficiency and automation, no matter which century’s technology you’re using

Court researchers have to work in all kinds of environments: from state-of-the-art facilities that can supply records at lightning speed to cramped, dusty file rooms where bulging paper files still reign. Accio CourtPro was designed with that in mind. In an industry where speed and accuracy are paramount, Accio CourtPro delivers both because it increases efficiency and automation through every step of the process. With CourtPro, you can:

[lists type=”tick”]easily receive orders from your clients through automation (XML) and spreadsheets[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]efficiently dispatch work to your researchers[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]allow your researchers to directly upload results[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]quickly review your work for accuracy and quality[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]promptly bill your clients[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]reliably pay your researchers[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]analyze turnaround time and hit ratios[/lists]
[lists type=”tick”]add and offer nationwide services by plugging in third-party research firms[/lists]


Fax Day Sheets

Accio CourtPro can even make working with paper more efficient! With our generated Fax Day Sheets, your researchers are able to quickly mark multiple cleared searches on a single, bar-coded piece of paper and fax in the results. The clears are automatically entered into the system and are immediately available to your clients.

Always Accessible

Accio CourtPro works on every popular browser as well as iPad and Android tablets. Why is that important? Think about this: for courthouses that allow electronic devices, a researcher with a tablet is suddenly able to clear applicants in real-time and even capture/upload supporting documents using the device’s camera in one stop. Work faster and get more done.

Smoother Workflow

Accio CourtPro’s Quick Court Order Entry streamlines the process for multiple orders from a single client, eliminating wasted time from repeated steps. CourtPro features the industry’s most flexible vendor dispatch system so it’s easy to add or change vendors as your business situations warrant. Upload scanned supporting documents via file upload or specially bar-coded fax and define whether they’re visible to your clients. CourtPro’s Work Auto Assigner even helps to optimize your resources by balancing new assignments to your researchers based on their currently assigned backlog.

Expand Your Reach/Grow Your Business

Accio CourtPro empowers you to offer more to your clients. We have simple XML specifications for unrestricted integration. You can pick or partner with other providers to offer national – or even international – research services. You’re not limited to only working with providers selected by your platform provider.

Cost Savings and Security

With Accio CourtPro, you don’t have to decide which members of your staff can use the system. Our price includes an unlimited number of “seats.” At the same time, we can help improve your security and auditing functionality with our sophisticated user tracking and permissions system. You’ll always know who’s doing what.

Real, Live Support

The number one reason clients switch from other solutions to CourtPro is our unmatched customer service. Tickets receive immediate attention. Calls and questions get answered. You can’t leave your clients hanging, so we won’t leave you hanging, either.

Let us show you how Accio CourtPro can speed up all the good things you want for your business.

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