Get it [highlights color=”ffea00″]fast[/highlights]. Get it [highlights color=”ffea00″]right[/highlights]. Get it with [highlights color=”ffea00″]InstaClear[/highlights].


What is InstaClear?

InstaClear is a service which can dramatically improve your turnaround times – changing them to seconds instead of hours. InstaClear electronically checks live criminal records indexes (generally by name and DOB) with the federal PACER system and various jurisdictions via XML interfaces or screen scrapers*. If no records are found in the indexes, the record is instantly marked as clear. Records with possible hits are dispatched normally to your research staff or criminal records provider. It’s like having the world’s fastest human doing your Web site research. Other providers will tell you they have an “automated” process when in reality they’re simply outsourcing the work to a human being overseas. How can that save time?

Accio’s InstaClear improves clearance rates because it filters out unwanted records like dismissed cases and (non-serious) traffic cases. Our goal is to never clear a record you wouldn’t have cleared yourself.

Is InstaClear right for you?

InstaClear costs just $0.50/check and it’s already built into Accio Enterprise. Let us show you how it works. We can run tests on your historical data, if you’d like. Your customers will love the lightning-fast turnaround times and you’ll love the increased efficiency.

*InstaClear may be affected by unanticipated changes to records systems or interruptions to electronic records accessibility.