Future Accio University Scholars Down Under

Wilson and Hendrix are sporting their Accio University gear "down under." Their Mom is Elaine Scotney. She's the Technology and Security Manager with PeopleCheck, an Accio Enterprise customer in Boolaroo, Australia. She traveled half-way around the world so she could come to the Accio Power User Group meeting in Austin, so we sent her back with some swag for [...]

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We Found Another Way to Increase Productivity

Ever since we installed the new tower, Accio's engineering team has had a record-breaking quarter. During the first 3 months of 2017, we added more than 80 new features to Accio Enterprise. That's more than any other platform provider usually does in an entire year! Several of the features came directly from our Accio Power [...]

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Accio Holds First User Group Meeting

Accio Data is hosting Accio Power, a user group meeting for companies using the Accio Enterprise platform, on January 11 & 12, 2016. There are two simultaneous tracks. The Bootcamp sessions are for newer users of the platform and provide much deeper training on core aspects of the system. These sessions will be led and [...]

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Watt We’re Learning at Accio

Accio has two new interns this year and you can see they’re already making things brighter. Riley Moynihan (left) and Aidan Edwards have a lot in common (besides their office space). Both are both juniors at Dripping Springs High School. Both enjoy reading and programming, and both are planning to pursue degrees in Computer Science [...]

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Dean of the Bean

Accio customers know that Ryan Jones is a master of the Accio platform, but few know that he is also a semi-professional barista. Ryan’s daily routine revolves around his passion for coffee and espresso. His major java machinery is at home (connected to the plumbing), but recently, Ryan brought some of his more portable tools [...]

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There IS Such a Thing as a Free Lunch!

We recently completed an integration with the MedEx product from our friends over at SJV & Associates. As a thank-you, SJV treated some of our guys to lunch at Pieous, a terrific pizza place just down the road from our offices. We'd like to say "thanks" right back to SJV for being such a great partner [...]

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Hard to Say Goodbye

Accio Data’s very first interns are wrapping up their time with us and are about to head out into the real world (or to college, at least). They made great contributions, from working on code to helping build desks in the new office. In fact, they were so successful that Accio is going to continue [...]

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Southern Ingenuity

As you know, we just moved into a new office space and one of the things you have to have during a hot, Texas summer is air conditioning. Some of our newly built spaces are still climatically challenged, so we turned our crack intern staff loose to generate some temporary solutions. Their brilliance would have [...]

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