Applicant Tracking Systems

Accio Data offers integrations with over 40 top applicant tracking system (ATS) partners, making it easy for our CRA clients to win business in this competitive marketplace. The ability to integrate with multiple ATS vendors can level the playing field when bidding for new business—instead of competing with 20 other CRAs in an RFP situation, you may only compete with a handful, drastically increasing your chances to land the account.

Accio Data has partnered with multiple ATS vendors so our clients can stay at the top of their game. Combining employment screening with applicant tracking in one single-sign-on portal also makes new accounts stickier. When human resource managers save time by combining these two functions into one, they are much happier, more productive, and less likely to leave.

For CRAs with their own proprietary screening software, the cost to integrate with several ATS platforms can be staggering. The large quantity of vendors that integrate with our background check API creates more opportunities for CRAs without exhausting their budget. Before you say no to a prospect because you don’t have an integration with your their ATS, check the list below—then consider switching to Accio Data.