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Vendor Connection2023-11-29T14:35:36-06:00

Become an integrated data vendor with Accio

This page is dedicated to answering questions from data vendors looking to integrate with Accio Data’s enterprise screening platform.

Accio Data is unique in that we are “vendor neutral” when it comes to allowing our CRA clients to choose their vendor and set their own pricing with each vendor. At Accio, we never require a client to use a vendor they don’t want to use. And we will always allow our clients to negotiate their own pricing with their vendors. This also means we will not require data vendors to pay us to integrate. We also don’t limit the number of vendors who integrate.

The best part is Accio has an open API, which makes it super easy to write to our system!

Below are some frequently asked questions we get from prospective data vendors. If you don’t get your answers from this page, feel free to give us a call!

Do you have an open API?2023-11-29T13:46:34-06:00

Yes! Accio Data has an open API. To receive a copy of our API documentation, complete the form below. Helpful tip: Accio Data has been around for a while, and it is helpful to make sure your organization hasn’t already written to Accio in the past. Check with your technical team to make sure before you get started.

We are a data vendor with an open API. Can Accio write to our system?2023-11-29T13:47:22-06:00

Although we can write to vendors with open APIs, Accio Data prefers for vendors to write to our system. It is the quickest way to get integrated and start doing business with our CRA clients.

I am a CRA, and I would like my vendor of choice to integrate with Accio. What should I do?2023-11-29T13:49:46-06:00

Have your vendor visit this web page. Here, your vendor can request the open API documentation to get started.

Does Accio have a list of “preferred” vendors?2023-11-29T13:49:33-06:00

No. Accio is 100% vendor neutral. Every data vendor gets equal access to our CRA clients.

I am a data vendor and have completed the process of writing to Accio’s open API. What next?2023-12-01T14:56:40-06:00

Once you have completed the integration and have an endpoint URL to supply to Accio, then the engineering team at Accio will provide you with a sandbox for testing. You will also need to supply the list of products to Accio that you wish to offer. The sandbox is only supplied once the integration is complete.

Will Accio offer quality control or testing services to test the integration?2023-11-29T13:50:39-06:00

No. Quality control and testing is to be performed by the data vendor.

What would keep my organization from integrating with Accio?2023-11-29T13:51:06-06:00

Accio offers a screening platform to CRAs mainly for employment and/or tenant screening. Our integrated vendors offer products to our customers that fall into the “standard” product category. For example, criminal database products, SSN traces, education and employment verifications, courthouse searches, drug screening and medical screening products, driving records, exclusion list searches, etc. For a full list of standard products, refer to the API documentation. In some cases, vendors offer products that would not fall into this category. If so, integration may not make sense.

Once the integration is complete and tested, what will the CRA client need to start ordering?2023-11-29T13:51:34-06:00

The CRA client will need an account username and password, and an endpoint URL. The CRA will also need a pricing agreement/contract with the data vendor. All vendor pricing is negotiated between the CRA and the vendor.

How will Accio Data market the new data vendor to its CRA clients?2023-11-29T13:52:02-06:00

Accio Data has a complete list of data vendors on this website under the Integrations tab. The list is broken down into product categories. Once complete, let Accio know you are ready to market, and we will place your logo on our integrations list and link to your website. We also encourage new vendors to publish an Accio Data-approved press release to announce the integration. Accio Data is also open to co-branded marketing campaigns and promotions.

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