We Found Another Way to Increase Productivity

Ever since we installed the new tower, Accio's engineering team has had a record-breaking quarter. During the first 3 months of 2017, we added more than 80 new features to Accio Enterprise. That's more than any other platform provider usually does in an entire year! Several of the features came directly from our Accio Power [...]

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Accio Data Creates New Opportunities for Wholesale Court Researchers

Accio Data continues working with court records providers to vastly expand coverage areas. Through licensing and two-way integrations, records researchers are now able to receive work and post results directly to the nationwide wholesale providers’ systems, eliminating multiple data entry and significantly improve turnaround times. Currently, Accio has arrangements with some of the country’s top [...]

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One-Half of HRO Today’s Top Background Screeners Use Accio

HRO Magazine is the human resource industry’s leading magazine, reaching more than 180,000 senior-level HR decision makers. Each year, the magazine awards its Baker’s Dozen List of Top Background Screeners in the nation. This year, the list includes six screening firms that are using the Accio Enterprise platform. Rankings are based solely on feedback from [...]

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Barry Boes Interviewed in HR Magazine

Barry Boes is one of the industry leaders interviewed in the October issue of HR Magazine in an article dealing with improved efficiency through automation in background screening. Roy Maurer, an online editor/manager for SHRM who focuses on talent acquisition, spoke with Barry about a multitude of topics, including Accio Enterprise's self-service applicant portal that [...]

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Accio Data Adds Web-Based Verifications with Veribot

Version 3.13 of Accio Enterprise features VeriBot, the automated remote verification service. VeriBot acts as a virtual researcher for employment verification. As part of Accio's automated workflow process, VeriBot sends former employers a link to a secured site where HR reps can handle everything needed to verify employment and answer any specific, additional questions required [...]

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NAPBS Annual Conference Report is Now Available

The 2016 NAPBS Annual Conference wrapped last week in Palm Desert, CA. Accio Data, a proud, 10-year Platinum Sponsor of NAPBS conferences, is pleased to provide a recap report of this conference and sessions. A link to the full report can be found below. Conference takeaways: Laws around the screening industry are becoming even more [...]

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backgroundchecks.com Now Offering Powerful Criminal Records Monitoring Through Accio Data Screening Platform

backgroundchecks.com, one of the industry’s first data providers to offer criminal records monitoring, and Accio Data, a leading platform provider for the background screening and court research industries, have made it even easier for their mutual CRA customers to offer monitoring as a value-added service. Though Accio Data and backgroundchecks.com have been providing ongoing criminal [...]

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Accio Data Adds Powerful StayClear Monitoring to the Accio Enterprise Platform

Accio Data has added StayClear Monitoring to the Accio Enterprise platform, allowing both consumer reporting agencies (CRA) and employers to be notified whenever something changes in an employees’ screening records. The non-profit National Employment Law Project recently analyzed the Survey of State Criminal History Information Systems to estimate that approximately 70-million Americans – or roughly [...]

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Accio Data and SJV & Associates Build Stronger Partnership with New Court Researcher Integration

Accio Data’s CRA customers already enjoy access to SJV’s suite of court records products. Now, using Accio Data’s open API, SJV has engineered an additional integration that allows its conventional wholesale court researchers to access the Accio platform directly in order to receive work and post results. This new integration should improve data accuracy through [...]

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NAPBS Mid-Year Legislative Report Is Now Available

The 2016 NAPBS Mid-Year Legislative Conference took place April 3-6 in Washington, DC. Accio Data, a proud, 9-year Platinum Sponsor of NAPBS conferences, is pleased to provide a recap report of this conference and sessions. Conference takeaways: Data providers/brokers are increasingly being held to the same FCRA requirements as CRA Hackers may already be living in [...]

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