Streamlined Employment Screening

You need the right tools to perform background checks quickly—Accio Data can help. With cutting-edge background check software and an easy-to-use mobile platform, we help companies in the background screening industry get more efficient, cost-effective results.

We Empower Our CRA Partners to Compete with Anyone

Accio Enterprise is the platform of choice for large consumer reporting agencies (CRAs)—and those planning to grow. The features and functionality of our leading background screening software allow you to go after bigger business in a variety of industries.

Screening and Verification System

Our sophisticated and automated background screening platform lets CRAs reduce data entry, manage documents, and integrate providers for a better screening process. Accio’s verification tools are designed to speed up your hiring efforts so you can focus on what matters most: finding more business

Enhanced Research Capabilities

Automated remote verification systems authenticate employment history and check referrals over the internet so you can spend less time playing phone tag with HR departments. Other versions of our platform are designed to help court researchers complete document-heavy orders with speed and accuracy.

Support 24/7

The best technology should come with the best support. We provide web-based training sessions that cover our products’ major functions and training videos that your staff can access 24/7. We also offer marketing services, like email assets and campaign consulting, to increase your company’s visibility in the industry.

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Accio Data is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association.