About Accio Data

We empower our CRA partners to compete with anyone

Who We Are

Accio Data designs state-of-the-art screening tools to simplify background checks for CRAs (consumer reporting agencies) and the clients they work with. Our advanced employment screening software lets CRAs perform efficient background checks so they can spend more time going after bigger, better business.

What We Do

Accio Enterprise’s advanced technology gives CRAs the power they need to do their best work. Our background check API (application programming interface) can integrate with different data providers, drug testing firms, and existing applicant tracking system workflows so you, your clients, and their applicants can track important documents and communicate all in one place.

Customizable features and limitless applicant system integrations also allow for increased flexibility, so you never have to accept a one-size-fits-all approach. With more than 2,000 integration options, you can adjust your service offerings to clients in a variety of industries, further broadening your reach.

From automated referral checks to consent-based Social Security number verification, our suite of products and services has everything CRAs need to optimize the employment screening process—many CRAs report up to a 30% increase in productivity after switching to our platform.

A Platform for CRAs

Accio Data’s platform is designed for consumer reporting agencies seeking a straightforward approach to the screening process. When CRAs spend less time collating documents and reaching out to vendors on their clients’ behalf, they have more time to grow their client base. We also serve court record providers with Accio CourtPro, a streamlined version of the Enterprise software tailored to court researchers’ workflow.

Core Values

POWER — The latest version of Accio Enterprise gives you incredible power to go after new business with features and functionality you need to serve larger customers already built into the platform. We are constantly adding new features and release 3-4 major version upgrades each year at no additional cost to you.

FLEXIBILITY — Accio Enterprise gives you unmatched flexibility to choose criminal data providers, court record retrievers, drug screening labs, employment and education verifications providers, driving records, and international data vendors so you can negotiate the best pricing that fits your unique business needs.

SERVICE– The Accio Customer Success team delivers exceptional service. When you call, we pick up the phone. When you have a question, we give you an answer. When you need to know how to use a feature, we show you right on the spot. Add all of our other resources: online training videos, Accio Academy and Accio University training webinars, exclusive customer-to-customer web forums, and on-site Accio Labs for even more advanced workflow improvement.

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