Add virtual researchers to your team with VeriBot’s web verification services. VeriBot is the automated employment verification system built directly into the Accio Enterprise workflow process, allowing CRAs and their clients to complete employee screenings quickly and efficiently.

About VeriBot

CRAs spend hours contacting verification service providers and HR departments to track down an applicant’s employment information for their clients. Employment verification, while necessary, takes a lot of time and may exhaust your CRA’s resources. Instead, rely on remote employment verification to avoid playing phone tag with HR departments and save time for what matters most: going after more business.

VeriBot’s Virtual Researchers

VeriBot lightens your workload by verifying employment history and checking referrals over the internet. This means your staff will spend significantly less time contacting HR departments and verification service providers—the verification process usually takes less than a minute for HR personnel to complete. VeriBot even helps market your screening business by getting your company name and site link in front of hundreds of potential new customers.

How It Works

VeriBot was designed to make employment screening more efficient for both CRAs and their clients. CRAs send employment screening orders to the appropriate HR contacts if they can’t be completed internally. VeriBot sends HR contacts a time-limited link to a secure site where they confirm previous employment information by answering a few quick questions. After the employment information is confirmed, completed results are sent to a work queue or released to the client for review.

A Platform That Keeps Up with Your Needs

VeriBot saves you time and money so you can focus more of your efforts on generating new business. The entire VeriBot process is also completely configurable—you’ll never have to accept a one-size-fits-all platform. Additionally, Accio Enterprise’s configuration options (numbering more than 2,000) allow you to customize the entire screening process to suit your clients’ needs in a variety of industries.

Many CRAs report up to a 30% increase in productivity after using our automated features. Document management, provider integrations, and reduced data entry allow CRAs to do their best work more quickly.

We’re Here to Help

Accio Data boasts the fastest ticket response time in the industry—we answer all questions promptly and thoroughly. Our training webinars, on-site training, and hosted training (Accio Labs) ensure clients have the information they need to succeed right from the start. Rely on Accio Data for unparalleled customer support and the tools you need to make employment screening efficient and straightforward.

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