Accio Data’s suite of products and services equips CRAs with the knowledge and technology to conduct quick and comprehensive background checks on a greater scale.

Spend your time and resources growing your business. For a fraction of the cost of in-house IT, you can have a dynamic screening platform that’s always up to date and infinitely scalable.

Employment Screening Software

Accio Enterprise, our leading background screening product, helps CRAs increase productivity and reduce costs through extensive integration with data providers, sophisticated document management and wide accessibility. Our technology expedites your clients’ hiring processes by allowing applicants to complete and check the status of their background screening on their phones.

Other time-saving products and services that work with Accio Enterprise include:

Court Record Research

If you’re a court researcher, Accio Court Pro is a version of our platform designed specifically for you. This software streamlines the process by enabling you to receive orders from clients, send assignments to and receive work from researchers directly, store and review documents, and facilitate billing and payment.

Training and Marketing Resources

We make sure you get the most out of our background screening software by providing 2-3 web-based onboarding sessions to go over its major functions up to four weeks after setting up your servers. Other training videos are available online 24/7, and you can call our customer service line for personal in-the-moment assistance.

Accio Data also offers ready-made marketing assets and campaign consulting to help your CRA’s expanded service capabilities stand out in the industry. Contact us today to learn more.

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