Why Choose Accio?

The employment screening industry is as competitive as ever. Losing a large client can drastically affect a consumer reporting agency’s business—on the flip side, winning a large deal can sometimes double a CRA’s revenue. It makes sense to choose a background screening software platform with state-of-the-art features and functionalities that help you keep great clients and win new ones.

Accio Data offers numerous benefits to CRAs. Our platform helps automate or augment your screening process from order entry all the way to results delivery and billing. Your clients can log into your server, place orders, and retrieve results every hour of the day and every day of the year. Accio Data features configurability for almost any industry.

  • Employment screening
  • Healthcare (MRO)
  • Court research
  • Tenant screening
  • Education verification
  • Utilities
  • International
  • Vendor screening

More reasons to switch to Accio Data:

Reduced paper = reduced labor and costs – Your clients can request an account and sign your service agreements electronically, and your account service representative can create the client’s account with the click of a single button. The system even takes care of emailing a “getting started” guide and login information to your client.

  • 100% automated I-9 process – Electronically complete, sign, E-Verify*, and store I-9 forms with digital mouse- or finger-based signatures. Send employees an email to return for employer completion, OR the employer and employee can complete the form together. You can even customize email notifications of expiring work authorization in three intervals.
  • Total FCRA compliance – Our system helps ensure FCRA compliance by requiring order requesters to provide FCRA purpose and confirm that they’ve obtained candidate authorization. The system also allows your clients to print copies of reports with the FCRA rights attached and customizable adverse and pre-adverse action letters. Where we are aware of special requirements (for example, all reports on subjects residing in California are required to attach special language), our system automatically labels the reports appropriately.
  • Research management – When you use outside vendors, our software automatically dispatches research to them via XML interfaces (or for smaller clients, via automated email). When you do your own research, our system creates your day sheets, allows for one-click clear report disposal, and provides efficient screens for reporting hits.
  • Focused industry segment packaging – Our system gives you total control to predefine ordering packages for the industry segments you serve and to assign packages to your clients based on their needs. When you use these packages to guide your customer’s component selection, you help them make sure they are running the searches they need to show due diligence.
  • Managing quality – Our system provides you with powerful statistical analysis and turnaround time report generation features that help you manage both your internal response times and those of your vendors. You can also require that research from certain vendors be approved by your staff before delivery to your customer’s account. If you have multiple vendors for specific products, dispatch rules allow you to assign vendors by client.
  • Constant innovation – Our key differentiation is the extremely rapid deployment of the features you need via our Progressive Platform Evolution. If you or your clients have special needs or requirements, we’ll explore how we can partner with you to meet those needs.

When you’re ready to switch to Accio Data’s platform, a representative will personally walk you through the setup process, and we’ll always be available to answer ongoing questions about our features and functionalities. Don’t risk losing a client because of software that can’t meet their needs—ask us how we can help you today.

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