CBSV: Consent-Based Social Security
Number Verification

Social Security number and name mismatching is far more problematic (and expensive) post-hire. That’s why many leading CRAs offer consent-based social security number verification (CBSV) as a pre-hire best practice option for their clients. CBSV services save CRAs and their clients time and money — and
major headaches.

About CBSV

With the consent of the SSN holder, CBSV can verify whether their name, date of birth, and SSN directly match the official governmental source records of the Social Security Administration Master File and Death Index.

An Added Layer of Security

CBSV mitigates fraud and ID theft and helps employers make smarter hiring decisions. SSN verification returns a match of “yes” if the SSN holder’s name, Social Security number and date of birth match government files, and “no” if they don’t. If the SSA records show that the SSN holder is deceased, CBSV returns a death indicator.

How CRAs Benefit From CBSV

Our CBSV tools help CRAs and their clients verify sensitive candidate information quickly and accurately. CRAs and their clients can easily manage candidate information through Accio’s automated platform, reducing the need for paperwork and communication with government administrators.

With Accio Data’s CBSV services, CRAs get:

  • Automated data entry.
  • Flexible document submission and routing options.
  • Human document verification.
  • Faster turnaround times.

Note: CBSV does not verify identity, citizenship or employment eligibility, nor does it interface with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) verification system. CBSV verifications do not satisfy DHS I-9 requirements. The Social Security Administration does not directly approve, endorse or authorize any product or service.

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