Accio CourtPro is a streamlined version of our software especially for court researchers who must work with a high degree of speed and accuracy while collecting public documents and data for applicant screenings and background checks. CourtPro streamlines the entire process, increasing efficiency for CRAs and their court researchers.

About Accio CourtPro

Accio CourtPro’s automation technology make collecting and sending public information easier than before. Our API enables software integration with court record providers, allowing CRAs to send and receive orders to and from researchers through automation (XML) and spreadsheets seamlessly. Court researchers can directly upload results to the CourtPro platform, and CRAs can quickly review their work for accuracy before paying researchers and billing clients. The all-in-one platform even lets CRAs expand their services nationwide with third-party research firm plug-ins.

Increased Efficiency

Make paperwork more efficient with our generated Fax Day Sheets. Researchers can quickly mark multiple cleared searches on a single, bar-coded piece of paper and fax in the results. Clears are automatically entered into the system and are immediately available to your clients.

Improved Workflow

Accio CourtPro’s Quick Court Order Entry lets you process multiple orders from a single client, making sure you don’t waste time by repeating unnecessary steps. CourtPro also features the industry’s most flexible vendor dispatch system, making it easy to add or change vendors as you see fit. Upload scanned supporting documents or bar-coded faxed documents – all within the platform – and determine whether they’re visible to your clients. CourtPro’s Work Assigner even helps optimize your resources by analyzing researchers’ current backlog and allocating new tasks accordingly.

Grow Your Business

Simple XML specifications allow for unrestricted integration so you can partner with national or international court records researchers. You’re not limited to working with court records providers selected by your platform provider. CourtPro’s open platform is designed to offer more to your clients and help you expand your reach.

We’re Here to Help

Accio Data prides itself on customer service. We offer in-the-moment training, on-site training, webinars, and exclusive forums for our customers to make sure you know our products and services inside and out. If you have questions about Accio CourtPro or encounter problems while using the platform, please give us a call—most of the time, we can resolve your issue within minutes.

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