Give applicants the keys, and they’ll drive the entire background screening process. Accio’s fully integrated ScreenDoor applicant portal reaches applicants where they live: on their phones.

About Accio ScreenDoor

Accio ScreenDoor was designed with two things in mind for hiring managers and applicants: speed and transparency. Our advanced applicant portal allows individuals to complete their background checks on their computers or cell phones, streamlining the entire screening process from start to finish. CRAs use our cutting-edge platform and API to integrate with third-party providers and create a customized screening process that applicants can complete on a single device.

Put the Applicant in Charge

Applicants begin the screening process by clicking on a link you send via text or email, attach relevant documents using their camera phones, and agree to the background check with an electronic wet signature. After that, they can log back in with verification, check the status of the screen, and provide any additional information or documentation that is needed.

Get Better Business

Our easy-to-use mobile platform lets companies in the background screening industry get more efficient, cost-effective results. Large consumer reporting agencies (and CRAs looking to grow larger) rely on Accio Data for the enterprise background check software they need to attract more business. By using our all-in-one platform, CRAs can spend less time reaching out to HR departments and more time going after new business.

Maximize Your Workflow

ScreenDoor empowers the applicant and cuts down on your time doing data entry and answering phone calls. It even gives you an efficient and robust process to handle your pre-adverse and adverse action notices.

Happier Applicants and HR Managers

Speed and transparency are critical factors in background checks, and ScreenDoor can help you improve both. Spend less time reaching out to third-party providers with an all-inclusive platform that simplifies the screening process for applicants, their potential employers, and the CRAs with whom they work.

We’re Here To Help

If you want to learn more about Accio ScreenDoor or need in-the-moment troubleshooting help, the Accio Customer Success team is at your service. We can teach you how to use features over the phone, point you toward online resources that will help you make the most of the platform, and suggest other products and services that may benefit your business. Count on us to make sure you and your applicants have the best possible background screening experience.

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“I think these new Accio features are going to open up avenues for us to do some things that we haven’t done before because now we have the ability.” 

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