Industries Served

Accio Data’s Background Screening Services

Consumer reporting agencies turn to Accio Data for state-of-the-art background check technology that lets them excel in the competitive screening industry. Our platform’s cutting-edge features and functionalities allow CRAs to keep great clients and effortlessly win new ones. With access to an automated screening platform that’s configurable for almost any industry, CRAs can streamline the screening process for clients in the staffing, healthcare, and finance industries.

Background Check Software for Staffing

Staffing agencies build better client relationships and safeguard their brand by vetting prospective employees for honesty and reliability. Accio Data’s screening platform helps your clients hire desirable candidates and avoid indemnity claims from employers.

Background Check Software for Healthcare

Help your clients protect their patients and reputation with screening software that accounts for the industry’s strict regulatory requirements, accreditation standards, and best practices. Our screening technology lets healthcare providers hire better medical staff, office administrators, and students to promote safety and quality care.

Background Check Software for Finance

More is at stake when money is involved, which is why your financial clients rely on you to thoroughly vet applicants for experience and transparency. Help your clients protect their assets and their workforce with screening technology that reduces their exposure to embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, and other financial risks.

A Background Check Platform for Many Industries

We pride ourselves on finding the exact solutions you need to help your client succeed. Our industry segment packaging, for example, lets you predefine ordering packages for clients in a specific field, making sure they run searches that promote industry-specific due diligence. In addition to supporting the needs of our clients in the healthcare, staffing, and financial industries, we also serve clients in nuclear energy, oil and gas, government, transportation, and tenant screening.

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Contact an Accio representative today to access our powerful background check technology. We’ll walk you through the setup process and answer any questions you have about our platform’s features and functionalities. With an easy-to-use platform that integrates with plug-ins for every kind of screening, you can streamline the background check process for your clients in a variety of industries.

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