Our custom background check API integrations and solutions make employment screenings
a cinch for your clients.

Accio Data Integrations

Accio’s background check platform offers numerous integrations that allow CRAs to perform efficient employment screenings with fast turnaround times. With a variety of integration plug-ins for every kind of screening and more than 40 applicant tracking systems (ATSs) to choose from, CRAs spend less time reaching out to data providers and more time focusing on gaining new business.

Applicant Tracking Systems
Accio integrates with over 40 applicant tracking systems so CRAs can win more business in a competitive marketplace. We merge our integrated ATS and background check services with our online portal, where human resource managers and end-users can seamlessly fill out all information necessary to complete the screening process and receive updates quickly.

Court Records
Our court records partners offer a full range of research services to support your needs. Whether your CRA wants to work with multiple vendors or a single one for the entire business, you can count on them to source county criminal records, statewide criminal records, or civil court searches.

Credit Reports
CRAs’ clients rely on credit report integrations for summaries of employees’ debt and payment histories and borrowing behavior. Banks and investment firms make better hiring decisions when they understand an employee’s financial behavior.

Interjurisdictional criminal databases enhance clients’ employment screening reports by broadening their reach and finding records they may have otherwise missed.

Driving Records
Companies hiring drivers need clear pictures of an applicant’s driving records. Accio integrates with motor vehicle records (MVR) providers to facilitate access to accurate information about a candidate’s driving record, including instances of speeding, minor traffic violations, parking tickets, and DUIs.

Drug Screening Labs
We integrate with America’s top drug and diagnostic screening labs, covering thousands of locations across the country. CRAs can offer a variety of screening services to clients, allowing end-users to schedule drug and health tests through an easy-to-use online portal.

International Records
We partner with international background check solutions providers who are knowledgeable about international screening procedures. Each country has its own rules, compliance requirements, processes, technological capabilities, and turnaround time expectations, so it makes sense to select a provider equipped to handle your needs in a specific region.

CRAs can choose from several integrated partners offering education verification, employment verification, and reference checks. Our vendors offer real-time status updates, compliance consulting, and customer service for enterprise, mid-market, and small business clients.

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