An employee’s criminal history isn’t guaranteed to be the same post-hire as it was during his/her initial background screening. It’s important to conduct post-hire background checks on current employees to help mitigate violence, fraud, and theft in the workplace. StayClear Monitoring ensures every hire remains not just a good match for your clients but a safe one, too.

About StayClear Monitoring

Statistically speaking, if a business has 20 or more employees, one of them has likely committed a crime since she was hired. The National Employment Law Project recently analyzed the Survey of State Criminal History Information Systems to estimate that 70 million Americans — roughly one in three adults — has some type of criminal conviction. For businesses that have people in sensitive positions or that work with vulnerable populations like children or senior citizens, following the initial employment screening with ongoing criminal monitoring is critical.

For health care organizations, monitoring licensed medical staff is also important and helps manage risk. Through one of Accio Data’s integrated data partners, the medical sanctions search is offered via StayClear Monitoring. The search is available in Level 1, 2 and 3 solutions, and features more than 1,700 direct primary sources, covering healthcare sanctions, exclusions, debarments and board actions from all 50 states and a number of U.S. territories.

That’s why Accio Data offers automated multi-jurisdictional criminal database and medical sanctions monitoring for CRAs. Employers can easily manage lists of monitored individuals, see monitoring history, and subscribe to alerts if monitoring finds new records without ever having to leave the Accio Enterprise platform.

Why Should You Use StayClear Monitoring?

  • Clients can manage lists of monitored individuals, see monitoring history, and subscribe to alerts
  • Clients can better keep their workplace safe and avoid negligence suits
  • Ready Made Marketing materials make it easy to offer monitoring services to clients
  • It makes CRAs “stickier” with clients and increases customer retention
  • It can be a significant source of additional revenue for CRAs when they have more time to generate new business

StayClear Monitoring Features

StayClear Monitoring was designed with two things in mind: workplace safety and ease of use. With StayClear Monitoring, you get:

  • Audited monthly record checks
  • Multiple alert options for immediate notifications of record changes
  • Flexible configurations that allow monitoring to be part of any original account package or added on to an account later
  • Powerful watchlist management to add or remove employees
  • Simple annual plans with automatic renewals
  • Access to criminal records AND medical sanctions searches (Levels 1,2 and 3)

Check out the full-cycle hiring workflow process native to the Accio Enterprise platform: consent-based SSN verification (CBSV) during pre-hire, I-9 and E-Verify at the time of the job offer, and ongoing Accio StayClear Monitoring during the remaining period of employment.

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