Accio Data has added StayClear Monitoring to the Accio Enterprise platform, allowing both consumer reporting agencies (CRA) and employers to be notified whenever something changes in an employees’ screening records.

The non-profit National Employment Law Project recently analyzed the Survey of State Criminal History Information Systems to estimate that approximately 70-million Americans – or roughly 1 in 3 adults – has some type of criminal conviction. Statistically, if a company has 20 or more employees, at least one of them has likely committed a crime since being hired.

“After a hire, the ability to monitor records is extremely important, especially for people who work in sensitive positions or with vulnerable populations such as children and senior citizens,” says Accio President Barry Boes. “Accio Monitoring allows our clients to be alerted to things like new criminal charges or convictions so that the CRA and the employer can promptly follow up with the employee.”

Accio Business Developer Cory Kirk adds, “What the employer gets with monitoring is peace of mind because they know that an employee’s record was not only clear at the time of hire – it’s staying clear.”

With Accio Data’s StayClear Monitoring service, CRAs and employers get:

  • Audited monthly record checks
  • Multiple options for immediate notifications of record changes
  • Flexible configurations to make monitoring a part of any account package or added later with one click
  • Powerful watchlist management to add/remove employees
  • Simple annual plans with automatic renewals

This latest offering complements the full-range hiring workflow process that is native to the Accio Enterprise platform: consent-based SSN verification (CBSV) during pre-hire, I-9 and E-Verify at the time of the job offer, and ongoing StayClear Monitoring during the remaining period of employment.