Accio Data and Vital4 have completed integration testing for Vital4’s search products into the Accio Enterprise platform. This integration will provide Accio’s consumer reporting agency (CRA) customers with a range of new product offerings for their screening clients.

“Vital4’s international products open up a ‘world’ of opportunity for our CRAs with their powerful array of international products,” says Accio Data President Barry Boes. “Their unique databases of watch lists, sanctions, PEP and negative media offerings for more than 240 countries and territories will help our clients differentiate themselves.”

Vital4 founder and CEO Kristin Stafford agrees the partnership is a great fit for both companies. “Accio Data serves the type of large, enterprise CRAs who are always looking to extend their reach,” Stafford said. “We’re looking forward to bringing Accio CRAs even more power to compete with the largest international screening firms.”

Vital4 also offers medical compliance and sanctions monitoring, third-party risk monitoring and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) screening for individuals who are or have been entrusted with prominent public functions. Vital4’s automated negative media monitoring spans thousands of media sources all over the globe every 24 hours to obtain millions of articles with details associated with negative media. The articles identified and stored are searched within seconds to provide negative media results on an individual or a business entity.