Austin, Texas, Feb. 2, 2021 — Accio Data has combined forces with Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Social Intelligence and Easton, Md.-based Ferretly International LLC to offer its consumer reporting agency (CRA) clients integrated access to online and social media content for employment screening.

“Compliant social media screening has been emerging in the pre-employment process over the past few years,” says Accio Data Chief Operating Officer Cody Reeves. “The addition of these two leading providers to Accio’s vast list of data vendors offers yet more tools our CRA clients can use to better serve their customers.”

This Social Intelligence integration allows Accio customers to seamlessly access product results directly through the Accio platform. Screening for areas of risk such as violence and intolerance is a very important part of the background check process and can no longer be ignored. The Social Intelligence solution has a stellar track record of helping organizations mitigate external risk and improve internal workplace conditions by screening for problematic business-related online behavior.

Ferretly incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze posts and images across 12 distinct risk classifications. The company uses advanced machine learning to flag posts for specific risk factors which are then reviewed by professional analysts. Ferretly can process thousands of posts from a single subject in seconds and deliver a more thorough analysis than a human could achieve in hours analyzing the same set of posts. This integration provides Accio Data’s customers a one-stop experience that positively impacts their bottom-line.

About Social Intelligence
Social Intelligence provides scalable solutions for one-time or continuous search and analysis of web and social data to find actionable employment insights and help companies leverage online data in their employment decisions. As leaders in social media screening, they are committed to providing companies with accurate, actionable insights to create healthier, more inclusive workplaces. For more information, visit or call (888) 748-3281.

About Ferretly International LLC
Ferretly International LLC, founded in 2019, provides forward-thinking technologies that help organizations better manage risk. By incorporating machine learning and a modern cloud-based architecture, we are at the cutting edge of applying big data solutions and artificial intelligence to improve overall security and risk intelligence for the customers we serve. For additional information or to request a demo, visit or

About Accio Data
Accio Data’s infinitely scalable platform allows CRAs to automate or augment the screening process from order entry all the way to results delivery and billing. Clients can log in, place orders, and retrieve results. 24/7/365. More than 2,000 powerful customization options provide configurability for multiple industries. For more information about Accio Enterprise, Accio CourtPro or to request a demo, visit or call (512) 858-9329 or email