Accio Data has added consent-based Social Security number verification (CBSV) to Accio Enterprise. Social Security name and number mismatching problems are far more problematic (and expensive) when they’re caught post-hire. That’s why many leading CRAs have begun offering CBSV as a pre-hire “best practice” option for their clients.

CBSV mitigates fraud and ID theft by matching Name, Social Security Number (SSN), Date of Birth (DOB), and Death Indicator directly to the official governmental source records of the SSA Master File and Death Index. CBSV returns a match verification of “yes” or “no.” If the SSA records show that the SSN holder is deceased, CBSV returns a death indicator.

Why you should offer CBSV (if you’re not already):

  • CBSV adds another layer of security and shows expanded due diligence to verify records
  • CBSV can save your customer considerable time, effort and money by catching SSN problems pre-hire
  • It costs you nothing to add the ability to offer CBSV as an a la carte or package option and you’ll never pay for it unless you use it

If you’re already offering CBSV through a 3rd party vendor:

  • You won’t have to spend time logging into a separate system to place orders, retrieve results, and copy data back into reports
  • You can automatically e-mail and invite applicants to fill/submit the form
  • Accio’s CBSV is designed into your workflow process so data entry and turnaround times will be much faster
  • A real-live human at Accio will validate that the forms are filled correctly, saving effort for your staff
  • The Accio process only allows “wet” signatures, reducing rejections and saving time
  • You’ll have unlimited scalability with Accio

Note: CBSV does not verify identity, citizenship, employment eligibility, nor does it interface with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) verification system. CBSV verifications do not satisfy DHS’s I-9 requirements.

For pricing information on Accio Data’s CBSV service, contact CBSV Sales at (512) 858-9329 or