Omni Data Retrieval has just completed a new, deeper integration with the Accio Enterprise screening platform that allows court record retrievers to receive orders and post cleared results. The integration will facilitate faster turnaround time, eliminate multiple manual steps and logins, and allow court record researchers using Accio to manage their billing.

Omni Data Retrieval specializes in supplying domestic and international criminal history information from court resources and repositories to background screening companies. Omni Data Retrieval President Scott Maloney says, “At Omni Data Retrieval we are continually expanding supplier networks, investing in our client partnerships and improving our technology to provide each of our clients a unique and remarkable experience. This integration reflects that commitment.”

Accio Data’s open XML architecture allows data providers to create seamless integrations with the screening industry’s most powerful and flexible platform. “We’ve worked hand-in-hand with Omni’s developers to accommodate their work processes,” says Accio Data President Barry Boes. “It’s been a terrific business partnership that we’ve enjoyed for many years and this integration will make Omni an even stronger ongoing partner.”

The integration has passed Accio internal testing and is available in the latest version of the Accio Enterprise platform.