Accio Data’s CRA customers already enjoy access to SJV’s suite of court records products. Now, using Accio Data’s open API, SJV has engineered an additional integration that allows its conventional wholesale court researchers to access the Accio platform directly in order to receive work and post results. This new integration should improve data accuracy through one-time entry and remove multiple manual steps for the researchers, further improving SJV’s turnaround times.

“This integration is the next step in Accio’s push to provide the most highly integrated platform possible to our court researchers,” says Accio Data President Barry Boes. “I’m very pleased with the quality of the integration SJV has provided for our researchers and excited about the new business opportunities this will provide for vendors using the Accio platform.”

Corey Beavers, SJV’s I.T. Manager, also remarked on the benefits researchers and customers of SJV will experience through this new integration. “This enhancement represents our continued mission to provide our customers with the highest quality driven product possible. Harnessing an end-to-end integration will provide all involved with the fastest, most secure, and most accurate research and reporting process.”

The integration passed Accio testing and was rolled out with the latest version of the Accio Enterprise platform. Conventional wholesale court researchers interested in obtaining credentials should contact Matt Hodges, SJV’s Quality Assurance Manager at SJV, at 800.203.0582.