The latest version of the Accio platform has successfully completed Quality Assurance testing and will be deployed over the next several weeks. We’ve taken your feedback and added powerful functionality to make your work faster, easier and more efficient.

For Accio Enterprise users:
A new subject-level adjudication matrix gives you the flexibility to set up customer-specific hiring rules for each component. You can easily flag possible hits. During the adjudication process, the defined matrix follows you down the page on a “sticky menu” so you can apply each customer’s individual hiring rules.

We’ve added a new Summary View to give your customers an easier way to see which components are potentially problematic for each subject without having to scroll through a list of cleared details. This view also includes the functionality to generate and send pre- and adverse action letters directly from the page.

For workflow, you can look up searches from any page. For analysis, product heat maps have been expanded to reflect revenue, data costs, court fees and more so you can even better visualize how your business is doing.

For Accio CourtPro users:
The enhancements in Version 2.40 read like a researcher’s wish list:
You can fax advance notes to researchers
It’s simple to copy a record from one search to another
Input fields now have browser-based spell check
Smart logic for reporting dates will reduce input errors
The system alerts you to duplicate records
Admitted convictions now appear on the backlog page