We just wrapped up our users group meeting and if you missed it, you missed something big. This year we had more attendees than ever before, and we also had more interaction than ever before. Our breakout sessions resulted in some great ideas to help Accio CRAs get more of an edge, and there was great interest in forming industry-specific working groups where like-minded CRAs work together to build a competitive edge.

We also shared our roadmap for our next three planned releases and discussed the UI changes we’ve made over the last year. Attendees were unanimous in stating that their customers love the 4.0 UI and that it gives them a noticeable advantage when they go head to head against other CRAs.

This year we tried something new and added a Sales Track. Based on the strong positive feedback we received from attending sales team members, we will be continuing the Sales Track in our 2020 users group meeting. We hope to see you there!