, one of the industry’s first data providers to offer criminal records monitoring, and Accio Data, a leading platform provider for the background screening and court research industries, have made it even easier for their mutual CRA customers to offer monitoring as a value-added service.

Though Accio Data and have been providing ongoing criminal monitoring services to mutual clients for more than 3 years, the advanced ease-of-use comes from an updated platform called Version 2. Every 30 days, a reduced-rate multi-jurisdictional criminal-records search is run on monitored individuals. If any new records appear, the CRA can investigate and verify them. If the CRA decides to report the verified record, the Accio Enterprise Platform will notify the employer so that the issue can immediately be handled with the employee.

Post-hire monitoring has become an important additional layer of security and due diligence for employers, especially if their employees work in sensitive positions or with vulnerable populations such as children or the elderly. President Craig Kessler notes: “Our monitoring program with Accio has been a highlight of our nearly decade-long partnership. We’re excited to see the added robustness of Version 2 bring this program to new heights.”

“Our experience with criminal monitoring with has been extremely positive,” says Accio President Barry Boes. “Version 2 makes it easier for our clients to deploy, and combined with Accio’s new Turnkey Marketing program, we expect monitoring to significantly improve the bottom line for CRA’s who choose to participate.”