Accio customers know that Ryan Jones is a master of the Accio platform, but few know that he is also a semi-professional barista. Ryan’s daily routine revolves around his passion for coffee and espresso. His major java machinery is at home (connected to the plumbing), but recently, Ryan brought some of his more portable tools into the office and shared brewing advice and samples. He showed us how to use the Aeropress, the French Press and the Chemex, also known as “The Chemist’s Way” to brew. He explained the finer points of coarse grinding, letting the coffee “bloom” (develop a crust on top of the pour), and told us some of the better places to buy beans and accessories.

What’s the one piece of coffee machinery he doesn’t have? Ryan says he’d love to have a commercial bean roaster someday, but spending about $7,000 and buying beans in 100-pound bags isn’t realistic…yet