Yes. The applicant portal functionality provides a way to directly engage the applicant in the process of placing a background check order. The portal ensures the applicant has signed a consent/release form before the order is processed. If you do not utilize the applicant portal for at least this one function (obtaining the applicant’s signed release form), there is no automatic way to place the order on hold until the release form has been signed. Once the applicant has signed the release online, you have the option of either sending the order to production or saving it as a draft for further review before activation.

The portal also reduces errors by eliminating double entry of subject information. In addition to the online signature function, you can have the applicant enter subject-specific data into the order form directly through the portal. This is especially helpful when gathering employment and/or education history.

The applicant portal greatly reduces the workload for your client when initiating the order process. The most your client may need to do is enter the subject’s first and last name, select a package, enter the subject’s email address, and click “Send to Applicant.”

The portal provides a way to gauge the applicant’s seriousness early in the process. When using any of the solicited portal options, your clients can see how their applicants respond to their request for information. You can also configure the system to remind the applicant multiple times to respond to the request.