What will CBSV not satisfy?

CBSV does not verify identity, citizenship, employment eligibility, nor does it interface with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) verification system. CBSV verifications do not satisfy DHS’s I-9 requirements.

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How does the “human verification” happen at Accio Data?

The Social Security Administration is very stringent when it comes to requirements for submitting CBSV. The form must be completely and correctly filled. The reason for verification must be clearly marked and the applicant’s signature must be a “wet” signature. (no e-signature). That’s why we inspect each document and either approve or reject it before submission [...]

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Where can I use CBSV?

CBSV is used for pre-employment background screening (before a job offer is made and/or accepted). It can be included as part of a standard background check package or offered as an additional process after initial results return issues with the provided SSN.

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How does CBSV differ from a SSN trace?

CBSV verifies through the SSA that you’re starting your background check with a name, date of birth, and SSN that all match each other. SSN traces provide a list of previous addresses and a list of names publicly associated with the SSN – but doesn’t tell you which name is correct.

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Why should I use Accio Data’s CBSV service?

If you process CBSV requests today, Accio Data’s process can save your customers time and money through advanced automation and quicker TAT If you don’t process CBSV requests today, you can increase your revenues by adding depth to your product offerings You won’t have to spend time logging into a separate system to place orders, [...]

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