The 2016 NAPBS Mid-Year Legislative Conference took place April 3-6 in Washington, DC. Accio Data, a proud, 9-year Platinum Sponsor of NAPBS conferences, is pleased to provide a recap report of this conference and sessions.

Conference takeaways:

  • Data providers/brokers are increasingly being held to the same FCRA requirements as CRA
  • Hackers may already be living in your cyber system – you just don’t know it
  • CRAs who take on adverse action processes for their clients must be very careful
  • Ban the Box is growing increasingly complicated in several cities and spreading to some tenant screening

In the report:

  • The FBI, FTC and CFPB are working together
  • Crossing state lines makes adverse action processes tricky
  • Dotting “i’s” and crossing “t’s” can save you “$’s”
  • Go along to get along with regulators
  • “Ban the Box” is on steroids
  • New ways to get sued
  • New ways to protect yourself when you’re sued
  • The legislative landscape

See the full report here.