It’s all about the applicant experience

Give applicants the keys and they’ll drive the background screening process. Accio’s fully integrated ScreenDoor applicant portal reaches applicants where they live: on their phones.

Put the applicant in charge
With ScreenDoor, you have a direct line to applicants. You can invite them by SMS text or email to input information, attach relevant documents using a camera phone and agree to the background check with an electronic wet signature. After that, they can log back in with verification, check the status of the screen and provide any additional information or documentation that’s needed.

Maximize your workflow
ScreenDoor empowers the applicant and cuts down on your time doing data entry and answering phone calls. It even gives you an efficient and robust process to handle your pre- and adverse action notices.

Happier applicants = happier HR managers
Speed and transparency are critical factors in background checks and ScreenDoor can help you improve both.

Why wait to improve your workflow? Let us show you ScreenDoor in action!