Transition from Deverus


HR departments are constantly demanding more from Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs). And why not? With so much innovative technology and capabilities available these days, there seems to be someone else willing to offer better, faster, or cheaper solutions when your efforts fall short.

Accio recently interviewed a Colorado-based CRA that found this out the hard way. The veteran company prides itself on delivering quality, comprehensive background screening solutions, but according to the company, its background check platform, Deverus, wasn’t keeping up. The CRA shared that the process became cost prohibitive and customers were quickly becoming disappointed, customer service was lacking, requests either led to hidden costs or were simply impossible to address within the platform’s outdated infrastructure.

“If we’d have a problem it was just put on the backburner or we’d be told that it’s impossible and can’t be done,” explains a manager with the CRA.

Still, according to management, a fear of change kept the company loyal to Deverus far longer than they knew was reasonable—even while lost productivity, hidden fees, and client frustrations were adding up. It wasn’t until disaster struck that they were ready to risk change.

“We lost our biggest client, representing about 30% of our revenue, which gave us the final impetus to change,” the manager admits.


The CRA assumed the task of switching to a new solution would be fraught with transition hurdles and could further increase client and partner frustration and fallout. But they were pleasantly surprised.

Accio Data’s Customer Success Specialists worked one-on-one with them to make the process an easier transition for everyone. The specialists actively listened to the CRA team and discovered that what they were seeking was something that Accio Data could already provide: an effective, safe, and intuitive Applicant Portal for collecting applicant information to start the background check process.

In the first month on the Accio Data platform, the CRA moved more than 110 of its existing clients. Two weeks later, things were already running smoothly.

“Everything is just beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with the system, and the support people, too,” the manager now says. “If I could go back and make the change sooner, I would.”


The impact of the transition was overwhelmingly positive for both the CRA’s internal staff and customers.

“We haven’t had one problem. Not one. Everybody’s been really thrilled with it,” the manager says.

In fact, Accio Data has so strongly surpassed expectations that the CRA team has found new ways to improve their processes beyond what they previously imagined they could do.

“We don’t even set up meetings with clients anymore,” the manager adds. Instead, we can be on a call and say, ‘Hey, do you want to go through a quick demo?”’ That confidence boost can instill trust in current clients and win over new ones. And it’s Accio Data’s reliability, comprehensive features and customer support that combine to make it possible.

“The [Accio] system is going to allow for such faster training, onboarding, and support for any holes we may have along the way,” the manager concludes. “It’s just all-around such a smooth system.”

“Everything is just beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with the system, and the support people, too…If I could go back and make the change sooner, I would.”

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