I have a client who doesn’t want their human resources staff handling candidates’ personally identifiable information (PII). How can they enter information for the background check without seeing PII?

Accio Data has a function that, when selected, will send the applicant an email with a link to a portal where they can enter his or her Social Security number and/or date of birth. The applicant can then sign the release form electronically.

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What if my client just wants to publish one link on their own website/Intranet (unsolicited portal) for their candidates to complete the background check request?

An unsolicited portal is simply a link on your client’s website where they can embed a custom URL (that either you or they create using a special function in Accio Enterprise) that takes applicants to the applicant portal where they can begin the order process. No special invitation (or email) is sent from the system.

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Does Accio Data have an applicant portal?

Yes. The applicant portal functionality provides a way to directly engage the applicant in the process of placing a background check order. The portal ensures the applicant has signed a consent/release form before the order is processed. If you do not utilize the applicant portal for at least this one function (obtaining the applicant’s signed [...]

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