It’s easy to think of “history” as the past, but of course, history continues. Applied to employment, this idea means an applicant’s behavior and trustworthiness aren’t set in stone the moment you hire them. Pre-hire background checks do a lot to establish confidence in an employee, but they’ll never tell the full story—it’s still being written.

For all the same reasons your clients order pre-hire background screenings, they should engage in ongoing monitoring for employees already in the workplace. CRAs who offer employee monitoring solutions do more to make their customers feel secure and satisfied for the long term.

The Benefits of Ongoing Workplace Monitoring

Employee monitoring keeps your clients, their staff, and their sensitive information safe. When an applicant’s background check reveals a questionable past, hiring managers can opt to learn more and decide how comfortable they are with working with that person—ongoing monitoring provides clients with those same opportunities to vet their team regularly. Staying on top of an employee’s criminal activity helps your clients prevent fraud, data breaches, harassment, or even violence in your workplace.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Accio Data’s screening software platform offers StayClear Monitoring, enabling CRAs to deliver the benefits of employee monitoring to their clients. The ideal software should include integrations with criminal and medical sanctions databases in jurisdictions across the country, allowing for frequent automated record checks for all individuals on the list.

Employee software helps your clients manage their lists of monitored individuals, keep track of monitoring history, and stay on top of in-the-moment changes with alerts. Depending on the software, CRAs can include employee monitoring in their original account package or offer it as an add-on (StayClear Monitoring’s configurations allow for both).

Employee Monitoring From Accio Data

Clients stick with CRAs who do the most to protect their business and make them feel secure in their hiring decisions. If you’re wondering why you should use employee monitoring software like StayClear Monitoring in your service package, contact Accio Data today. We’ll go over all the features and functions that can help you and your clients maintain trust in their employees long after their start dates.

Camille Gamble worked as Vice President of Marketing and Support for startup Verified Person Inc., acquired by Sterling Talent Solutions in 2016. Her experience also includes leading the marketing efforts for startup criminal database provider, acquired by ChoicePoint in 2004. With her background at these screening companies she brings nearly 20 years of consumer reporting agency experience to Accio Data as a business developer.