Transition from FRS


When speed is your strength, you can’t have anyone holding you back. A CRA learned this the hard way when their fast pre-employment and residential background checks — often with same-day turnaround—became harder and harder to provide due to the limited capabilities and support of their screening platform.

The CRA had been using FRS for years but was frustrated over the lack of new integrations with data providers.

“The old system was not flexible at all [and] we argued over their ability to integrate with other vendors,” says an executive with the CRA. “We were told ‘it is what it is’ and there are no other options.”

The CRA also experienced what she considers almost non-existent customer support, which further threatened their ability to promise fast service with exceptional support for their own clients.

“We don’t have a phone tree, we don’t have a ‘Push 1 for this, push 2 for that.’ We answer the phone, and that’s what I want in return from [any] company I’m calling,” she says, adding, “I finally just got tired of it. Just over a year ago, we reached out to several platform companies to see about switching.”


The CRA gave Accio Data a try and was thrilled to finally be backed by the power, flexibility and service that comes with the Accio Edge™.

The transition wasn’t entirely painless, but the challenges she and her team found with onboarding certainly weren’t due to the lack of options.

“The two systems are so different. We went to the completely other end of the spectrum with Accio having so many options; I didn’t even know where to start at first,” she laughs.

What the CRA soon found out, however, was that they no longer needed to figure it out on their own.

“The difference in customer service is unbelievable,” she says. “It’s amazing to me that I can pick up the phone or send an email to Accio and have a response in minutes.”


Armed with the flexibility to integrate what they want — and the support to help them do so — the CRA is now confident enough to innovate beyond what they once assumed was possible.

They’re excited about the applicant portal, which they didn’t have before. And the integration with drug testing vendors has opened entirely new possibilities for them.

“We had shied away from drug testing before, [but with Accio’s integrations] the client can order and even schedule their own drug testing,” the executive says. “I think (these new features) are going to open up avenues for us to do some things that we haven’t done before because now we have the ability.”

“It’s amazing to me that I can pick up the phone or send an email to Accio and have a response in minutes.”

Accio Data User
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