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Security has become a priority for more than traditional law enforcement and government entities. For this reason, an Accio Data client —which has been providing information sharing, enterprise intelligence and access control solutions for more than 25 years – started receiving more and more requests for commercial background checks.

At the time, the client was contracting with a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) using a different screening platform. But with business expanding, the client set out to bring screening services in-house to save costs. There was a major hurdle, though: the platform would need to integrate with an existing user interface (UI). This interface was highly robust, allowing the client to provide multiple specialized services to its 750,000 end-users, including online training courses.

Everyone — from the tech team to Accounting —was apprehensive about bringing background screening services into the fold. Would onboarding be a pain? Would the integration be smooth?


Those worries were quickly put to rest once Accio Data entered the picture. A manager had heard about Accio’s capabilities for years and was eager to compare it to several other platforms.

“By far, in an instant, we could tell that Accio Data’s platform was definitely better for what we needed,” he says. “Accio’s look-and-feel was the best…and the internal side of the platform was very easy to understand.”

Accio Data Customer Success Specialists worked hard to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Since the client was using Accio’s API only and not its full customer-facing UI, they benefited from Accio’s more than 2,000 configuration options and were able to “skin” portals and reports to complement what was already in place.

In no time, the client was up and running with integrated access to the local, state and federal background screening modules it needed to keep thousands of thousands of its customers in the loop.

“Accio was fantastic at running through everything with us and assisting us with the setup. That process was very easy,” the manager says.


In the beginning there were many questions that were quickly resolved by the great response, training, and ease of use of the platform.

“I used to hear from the people in Accounting a few times a week asking how to do this or that, but now, I haven’t heard from them in a month,” he laughs, considering the silence a major victory.

“By far, in an instant, we could tell that Accio Data’s platform was definitely better for what we needed.”

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