Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Accio Data’s software?


  • Our Progressive Platform Evolution (PPE) means constant functionality enhancements.
  • Unlimited scalability means you’ll never outgrow the system.
  • Accessibility means no browser is excluded


  • More than 2,000 configuration options you can tailor to any client.
  • Vendor management made easy so you can negotiate the best pricing and serve unique data needs.
  • “Skinning” the customer-facing portals and reports so you can complement an existing look and feel.
  • Native compliance support for multiple industries so you can pursue new business.

Customer Service

  • The industry’s fastest response time on support tickets.
  • Ongoing Web-based training for new features and enhancements.
  • Free, individualized “just-in-time” training immediate needs
  • 99.99+% documented system uptime

What does it cost?

For pricing information, click here to consult our full pricing grid.

Courthouse researchers — do you want automated day sheets, automatic billing, and instantaneous access to reports both recent and old? We understand the financial and time constraints of the highly competitive records research world. Give us a call and let us help you today. (512) 858-9329.

How long does it take to get set up?

Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It depends largely on how quickly you sign our contracts and get your customization (logos, etc.) to us.

Can my clients upload bulk MVR searches?

Yes. The system comes with easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet and CSV file interfaces for customers who want to run a large number of drivers’ licenses. Your customer service staff can upload the spreadsheet for them or they can upload it themselves. Some of your larger customers will want to write an automated data exporter that loads directly into your system, which is where you can offer them our CSV interface.

Can I run searches for my clients?

Yes. Your clients can fax in orders which your order entry staff will enter using the same easy data entry technology your clients use. Data entry is so fast, you can easily transcribe orders over the phone for your clients if you like. Once the order has been filled, it can be electronically delivered to your client or your customer service staff can mail or fax it to them.

What data providers do you support?

We support any data provider that can accept search requests via e-mail and fill orders in a web browser. We also support many data providers with an automated ordering interface, HR-XML or otherwise. We add new automated providers regularly, and we do so free of charge (monthly minimums may apply). Call us with the providers you use and we’ll answer your questions.

Which credit card processors do you support?

Paymentech and If you already have a different processor, call us and we’ll give you a schedule for integrating your current vendor.

Do you help with client invoicing?

Yes. We calculate your client’s bill for you: package fees, add-on fees, state fees, etc., with three optional invoicing models.

Direct Credit card payment

With this model, your customers must supply a credit card (we’ll keep everything but the CVV code on file for them if they wish). Their report is accepted by you for processing only if the automatic billing of their credit card is successful.
Each customer may be flagged as being required to pay with a credit card or as an invoiced customer individually as their account is set up.
Invoice Templates

With this model, we create invoices for you automatically on whatever schedule you wish. Our invoices can be minimal to detailed and billing details are always available to the consumer for review online. When we create invoices for you, we brand the invoice with your logo, address, customer service numbers, etc. Click here to see a sample invoice.
Your Own Invoices

We also provide a CSV exporter that you can use to export all billing details into an external system for manipulation and invoicing however you’d like.

Can you sell me data?

Yes. Our core business is selling our software. However, we have contracts with full-service data providers and can sell you data if you like. This is an especially attractive option for smaller operations as we pass our volume purchasing discounts on to you. We offer the following data:

  • Criminal reports (statewide and county)
  • National criminal database searches
  • Federal civil, criminal, and bankruptcy searches
  • Employment history
  • Credential verifications
  • Education verifications
  • Sex offender searches
  • Reference checks
  • Healthcare services such as medical sanctions, OIG, and GSA
  • SSN verifications
  • Volunteer screening services (special pricing packages)

Do you offer an ASP model?

Yes. We have servers in a data warehouse that will host your ordering website. All our servers are 64-bit servers with live data mirroring to a failover machine. All are protected both by UPS and diesel backup power generators with multiple Internet feeds.

I’m a data provider. How can I offer my services to your customers?

If you’re integrated with us and meet our requirements, you can list your services free of charge on our data providers page. If you’re using our software, you’re ready to go. Some platform providers, such as TeamScreen and Digital Delve, provide integrations to us. If you’re using them, call us to get listed. If you’re using another third-party software supplier, you may contact us for a copy of our XML programming specifications.

I’m a researcher using Digital Delve. Can I integrate with you?

Yes. Digital Delve has been very helpful in supporting integrations that mutually benefit our customers. Call them to confirm.

I’m a researcher using TeamScreen. Can I integrate with you?

Yes. TeamScreen has been very helpful in supporting integrations that mutually benefit our customers. Call them to confirm.

I’m a researcher using FRS. Can I integrate with you?

No. We provide a LinXML integration to our clients, but FRS will not allow clients to receive orders sent from our platform. We can offer you the following options:

  • Contact FRS or check your contract with FRS and see if it’s allowed
  • Get a web portal login to your client’s system and process orders manually
  • Contract a developer to build an integration with us that does not use LinXML
  • Upgrade to the Accio Data platform. We believe in open partnerships, and we’ll contractually agree to always allow you to integrate with whomever you desire.

Who else uses your system?

Our customers are very protective of their data and software sources. If you’d like references, call us and we can arrange reference calls.