Let’s Build [highlights color=”ffea00″]Success[/highlights]Together


We’re introducing new features and services to Accio Enterprise all the time. As excited as we are to bring them to you, we know you’re just as excited to bring them to your customers. But if you’re too busy (and that’s a good thing), then it can be tough getting the word out.

That’s why we have Accio Ready-Made Marketing: collateral that’s ready for you to add your branding and send out right away.ready-made marketing

Accio Ready-Made Marketing  includes:

  • E-mail assets:
    • Ready-to-go, variably sized graphics that you can insert into the body of an e-mail from your account rep to your customer that announces the new service and invites them to call you for more information. We’ll leave room for your logo or you can send it as-is.
  • Web assets:
    • Editable text and variably sized graphics that you can add to your web site that explains the new service or feature.
  • Other help that we can offer:
    • Adding your company logo and specific contact information to the provided graphics (if you don’t have someone in-house who can do it)
    • Consulting on setting up e-mail “blast” services such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact so you can more easily reach your customers and track their responses


And now, with Accio Turnkey Campaigns, we do all the work for you.

We’ll custom design an e-mail campaign using your logo – and even your e-mail address as the sender – announcing the new service offering. We’ll follow up with supporting e-mails at 30-day intervals with the call to action for your customer to contact you for more information. You will see and approve everything before it goes out.

What do you have to do? Not much. Just provide us with a logo, an e-mail address you’d like to use and a list of customers’ e-mails whom you’d like to receive the campaign (we’ll show you how to pull that from the system). We won’t send them anything without your knowledge and approval. You can add or remove customers or opt out altogether at any point.

We keep adding marketing assets as we roll out additional services and send you alerts to let you know they’re ready. Accio Data wants to add value to every aspect of your business because we all succeed together!