Does Accio Data have an applicant portal?

Yes. The applicant portal functionality provides a way to directly engage the applicant in the process of placing a background check order. The portal ensures the applicant has signed a consent/release form before the order is processed. If you do not utilize the applicant portal for at least this one function (obtaining the applicant’s signed [...]

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Can I run searches for my clients?

Yes. Your clients can fax in orders for background checks, which your order entry staff will enter using the same easy data entry technology your clients use. Data entry is so fast that you can easily transcribe orders over the phone for your clients if you like. Once the order has been filled, it can [...]

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Can my clients upload bulk MVR searches?

Yes. The system comes with easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet and CSV file interfaces for customers who want to run a large number of drivers’ licenses. Your customer service staff can upload the spreadsheet for them, or they can upload it themselves. Some of your larger customers will want to write an automated data exporter that loads [...]

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