Court Records

Not all court record providers are created equal—that’s why Accio Data offers a long list of integrated partners to fulfill our clients’ specific research needs. Some court researchers provide nationwide coverage and some focus on more specific regional jurisdictions. Most of our integrated partners offer a full range of research services. Whether you are looking for county criminal records, statewide criminal records, or civil court searches, Accio Data has you covered.

With Accio Data’s robust platform, you can create a vendor dispatch plan that can be customized by account and package. Tailor your offerings to your clients even more by offering court search products from multiple vendors, or simplify the process by using a single vendor for your entire business—it’s up to you.

Accio Data’s reporting features allow you to measure critical figures for each vendor, such as their turnaround time, hits, and clears. If you choose to work with multiple vendors, you can keep track of each one’s performance and hit rate. Find the vendor or combination of vendors that perform with optimal stats for each research category or each of your clients’ needs.

Court Record Providers Using the Accio Platform

Court Record Providers Integrated with the Accio Platform

The API for Accio’s background check platform enables integrations with a variety of court record providers.

Check out our list of integrated partners. If your preferred vendor is not listed here, we will provide that company with our XML specifications free of charge. Contact us today to learn more.