Criminal Records Databases

Even with FCRA requirements such as Section 613 letters and reverification, digital criminal records still play an important role in finding and reporting accurate and up-to-date criminal records for employment. The digital search often finds criminal convictions in jurisdictions where a candidate has never worked or lived — this can make the difference between a clear background report and one that includes a serious conviction.

Database Searches for Background Screening

Database vendors have made tremendous strides in the past few years. Many have expungement programs to help keep data accurate and up to date. These integrated vendors also offer more digital search products, such as healthcare sanctions searches, multistate sex offender registry searches, and terrorist watchlists.

Offering an inter-jurisdictional criminal database search is a great way to enhance your clients’ employment screening reports. The search casts a wider net and allows CRAs to cover more ground—they often find records that may have been missed otherwise. Database searches also accelerate the background screening process in some cases. A digital search can return a record in seconds, allowing researchers to focus their search efforts on more jurisdictions quickly.

Utilizing a criminal records database search coupled with a Social Security Number trace product can also find records on people with maiden names or aliases.