International Records

International background screening can be a tricky and complex service to offer your clients. It pays to partner with a reputable international background check solutions provider who knows the ins and outs of screening in each country and can manage the turnaround time expectations for CRAs and their clients.

Background checks for international employment vary tremendously. Each country has its own rules, compliance requirements, processes, technological capabilities, and turnaround time expectations. Access to information and the type of information returned in an international search can also vary greatly from country to country.

It makes sense to choose a provider who specializes in international criminal, civil, education, and employment verification products. Our integrated partners offer screening solutions in 200+ countries and territories across the globe.

Offering your clients global employment screening capabilities in one easy-to-use platform like Accio Data’s gives them an advantage in their industry. Access to more products and services through quality vendors will help them secure desirable candidates in this competitive, low unemployment rate environment. Accio’s custom vendor dispatch features allow clients to assign vendors based on client and package setup—you can make sure your clients have the best international search based on their specific needs.