Offering verifications to your clients is the perfect way to make them “sticky” and increase your screening revenue, and outsourcing those verifications is a smart way to handle seasonality or occasional spikes in volume. Accio Data makes it easy to choose from several integrated partners that offer education verification, employment verification, and reference checks for employment purposes.

Many of our vendors work with qualified verifiers in the United States, India, and the Philippines, with search services in 200+ countries. They also offer features like real-time status updates, compliance consulting, and around-the-clock customer service, along with a variety of verification products. Our integrated partners provide verification search services that cater to enterprise, mid-market, and small business clients.

Vendor management is simple with Accio Data’s screening platform, which can be customized based on client or package setup. You can have as many vendors as you want and dispatch services to them based on individual client needs. Accio Data also integrates with online database vendors that automate the verification process. Our new VeriBot automated remote verification system is built directly into the Accio Enterprise workflow process.

VeriBot lightens your workload by performing verification of employment (VOE) and checking referrals over the Internet, significantly reducing the time your staff spends playing phone tag with HR departments. VeriBot even doubles as a marketing tool, raising awareness of your screening business by putting your company name and site link in front of hundreds of potential new customers at zero additional cost.