Driving Records

Criminal records don’t always paint a complete picture of a person’s background. Companies that hire drivers should also have the opportunity to order a candidate’s driving or motor vehicle records from the CRAs conducting their background checks. Accio’s integrated vendors offer driving records for both commercial (CDL) and non-commercial drivers.

Motor vehicle records, or MVRs, are housed at the state level by the Department of Motor Vehicles in each state—there is no such thing as a national database of motor vehicle records. Some states require special consent forms to obtain MVR reports for employment.

A candidate’s driving records can include instances of speeding, minor traffic violations, parking tickets, and more serious offenses like convictions for driving under the influence (DUI). The information returned on a motor vehicle report varies by state, as does the length of time reported—for example, many states only return adverse information for the last three years. An MVR report will include information listed on the candidate’s driver’s license in addition to the license’s validity (whether it has been suspended or revoked).

Accio’s integrated MVR partners make it easy for CRAs to offer driving records to their clients. They specialize in the ins and outs of MVR reports and the requirements for each state.